Phoenix Performer Violin


Strings:The standard strings that come with the Phoenix Performer violin are chrome-steel strings with a plain steel e-string. We have found that these strings do a good job. 'Upgraded' strings such as Dominant strings are less user-friendly as they require a more frequent tuning due to the more delicate materials used, such as the perlon core and the aluminium and silver winding.

Of course any violin string brand can be used, except gut strings as the action is too low for gut strings (who would use gut anyway on electric violins?). We could send a complimentary set of Maestro Strings if desired. They have the same materials as Dominant, but we find them to be warmer with a slightly lighter gauge.

Fingerboard:The fingerboard is made of ebony

Pegs:Depending on the batch, pegs are made of ebony or hardwood that look like ebony. The latest batches are all fitted with real ebony pegs.

Tailpiece:The tailpiece is a carbon-fiber tail piece, not a cheap aluminium tail piece.

Pickup:The pickup is custom-made.

It has similar features as other pick-ups with a pre-amp.

It has sockets for

1. headphone

2. microphone or mp3 input

3. line out

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